Conquering compatibility problems and putting on a successful precision farming field day are among the diverse discussion topics that will be featured during 10 concurrent roundtables at the 2016 Precision Farming Dealer Summit, Jan. 5-6 in Indianapolis, Ind.

These popular opportunities for face-to-face conversations with precision peers bring attendees to the table to listen, learn and share strategies that will improve their overall precision farming business.

The roundtable topics chosen for the 2016 Summit follow the event’s theme of “Profitable Precision Strategies.” During this unique 90-minute session on Jan. 5, dealers and their teams can choose 1 (or more) of the topics below for informal, candid dialog and exchanges with their precision peers.

  • Troubleshooting Technology: Conquering Compatibility Problems
  • Marketing: Where Will I Get the Most Bang for My Buck?
  • Strategies for Selling Used Precision Equipment
  • Putting on a Successful Precision Ag Field Day
  • How to Structure Your Precision Internships
  • Tech Support: Where Can Manufacturers Improve?
  • UAVs: Practical Precision Tools or Toys?
  • Making the Most of Online Sales Opportunities
  • Spreading Precision Workflow Across Departments
  • Keeping Precision Employees Productive Year-Round

To view the complete, 8-page program for the 2016 Summit, click here. For more information and to register (discounted for dealers who register prior to Oct. 15), visit

Summit Program Summit Registration

Among the Title Sponsors making the learning and networking opportunities possible for dealers are Ace Pumps, CDK Global, DigiFarm, Dealer Information Systems (DIS), DLL Financial Solutions, Iron Solutions, LAFORGE Systems, Montag Manufacturing, MZB, Reichhardt, Western Equipment Dealers Assn. and Yetter Farm Equipment.