aWhere will now provide high-res weather and agronomic data to OnFarm customers using OnFarm's Grower Dashboard.

As a key contributor of meaningful agricultural big data, aWhere provides high resolution weather data and agronomic modeling services to platforms such as the OnFarm Grower Dashboard, a leading web and mobile solution. Now farmers, agronomists, crop scouts and ag retailers have access to integrated agricultural data in one place. Having this high quality, reliable information in one view makes decision making more robust.

“We have rigorous standards for who we partner with,” said Lance Donny co-founder and CEO of OnFarm. “We are committed to providing farmers comprehensive, easy-to-use farm management solutions, so it’s important for us to partner with the best-in-breed weather and agronomics data for agriculture.”

Agricultural intelligence is a key component for anyone working in the agricultural supply chain, as weather and agronomic information play a critical role in crop management and production. Unlike any other, aWhere combines high-quality weather data designed purely for agricultural use with scientifically vetted agronomic models. The data includes up to 20 years of daily historical data, current weather, and up to 15 days of hourly forecasts. With weather patterns changing, this type of agricultural insight driven by big data insight is required to inform field-level business decisions.

“Farmers have been asking for a one-stop combination of all farm data required to make informed decisions, and OnFarm has delivered an easy to use integrated farm information system. Thoughtfully listening to customers’ needs and knowledge of the industry was the joining force behind OnFarm and aWhere,” said Dave Lundberg VP of Business Development at aWhere. “We’re confident that OnFarm customers will greatly benefit from this enhanced weather and agronomic modeling information to make critical farm decisions that will impact profitability.”