With the end of 2015 approaching, it's a good time to look back on the biggest stories impacting precision equipment dealers from the past year:

10. Precision Drone to Commercialize Ag UAVs

9. What Farmers Want From You: Red Plus Green Can Equal Frustrated Farmer

8. Raven Industries Reaches Supply Agreement with CNH Industrial

7. From the Virtual Terminal: Farm Equipment Software: Who Owns It & Why?

6. John Deere and The Climate Corp. Expand Precision, Digital Agriculture Options for Farmers

5. The Beacon from DigiFarm is Industry's First Apple MFi Certified Bluetooth Device

4. What Farmers Want From You: Rainbow of GPS Systems Can Cause Costly Headaches

3. Wired Magazine - Deere Claims Through Copyright Office That Farmers Don't Own Their Tractors

2. 2015 Essential Guide to Precision Farming Tools

1. From the Virtual Terminal: Precision Ag Dealers Weigh in on Deere Acquisition

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