Here are the most-viewed items in 2018 from

1. 33 Tips for Turning Billable Service Into Recurring Precision Revenue

2. [Video] Horsch Says Next-Level Farming Success Won’t Arrive Via Digitization & Prescriptions

3. Ahead of the Curve: Electric Drive Tractor Coming to U.S. & Canada

4. High-Speed Planter Wars

5. Precision Farming Dealer Editors Share Top Tech Takeaways from Farm Progress Show

6. AGCO Introduces New White Planters and Precision Planting-Ready Toolbars

7. How to Lose a Customer Over Less than a Dollar

8. 2018 Essential Guide to Precision Farming Tools

9. Deere Files Lawsuit Claiming AGCO, Precision Planting Infringed on Patents

10. A Candid Conversation with Al Myers, Founder of Ag Leader Technology

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