Morning Farm ReportAgrible has announced new features and enhancements to Morning Farm Report, their suite of predictive analytics tools for growers and agricultural companies. Tools like Advanced Nutrient Engine, Spray Smart, Drone Plan, and Field Story have been added to the yield estimates, fieldwork recommendations, and weather forecasts already provided by Morning Farm Report.

Each new tool adds more data and recommendations that growers can use to make the most informed decisions on their fields. With Advanced Nutrient Engine, growers get field-specific nitrogen and phosphorous forecasts based on Morning Farm Report’s predicted yields. Spray Smart advises spraying operations with field-specific conditions forecasted 3.5 days out, wind speed and direction, temperature inversions, soil conditions, and pollinator awareness. Drone Plan helps flyers stay safe with hourly wind and visibility forecasts, data on no-fly zones, and downloadable monthly activity reports.

Field Story is a brand new tool that lets users document their operations, inputs, planting, and scouting notes. In addition to helping growers easily store and organize their data, each new entry in Field Story allows Morning Farm Report to deliver more actionable information by customizing it to a grower’s specific operation.

“The Agrible team has delivered outstanding agricultural science and a streamlined and simple user experience in all 48 lower states.” said Chris Harbourt, CEO of Agrible. “This is an incredible accomplishment that differentiates us as a proven leader in this marketplace. It is truly the best Morning Farm Report yet.”

In addition to updates, all of Morning Farm Report’s services are now grouped together into different “AgriBundles” that cater to a grower’s specific needs and farm size. The 2016 Grower AgriBundle combines the complete set of Morning Farm Report’s crop modeling and agronomic tools. Other bundles include the Sustainability AgriBundle, All Hands AgriBundle, and Drone Log AgriBundle.

“AgriBundles are making it easier for growers to access the Morning Farm Report tools that will help them increase productivity,” said Jason Little, Senior Manager of Sales at Agrible.”Our goal is to match Morning Farm Report’s tools to a grower’s unique needs.”

Agrible has also added new features and support for additional crops within Yield Engine, and has expanded Tractor Time to include hourly fieldwork recommendations in addition to the daily reports forecasted two weeks in advance. In addition to corn and soybeans, Yield Engine now predicts yields for spring wheat and barley and more crops will be added soon.

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