PrecisionHawk and Skyward have come together to assemble a complete package of technology tools to increase efficiency across the commercial market. The partnership provides a one-stop shop for customers to plan, map, manage and analyze their assets using a drone platform.

The Partnership Includes Three Components

  • The integration of Skyward’s flight operations system with the Lancaster drone, the DJI-PH Smarter Farming package and PrecisionHawk’s DataMapper.
  • Skyward’s airspace intelligence tools will be integrated into PrecisionHawk’s LATAS safety platform.
  • When used together, customers will gain access to a seamless end-to-end commercial platform, from planning to aerial data collection to analysis.

“As we continue to grow our offerings on a global scale, PrecisionHawk is always looking for ways to better serve its customers by adding tools that are easy, automated and efficient,” said Christopher Dean, PrecisionHawk Co-Founder and President. “This partnership with Skyward allows us to provide a complete commercial drone offering to the market. We are excited to partner with Skyward and bring this holistic offering to our customer base.”

Through this partnership, customers of PrecisionHawk and Skyward will have access to an end-to-end commercial drone operations management platform.

“PrecisionHawk provides best-in-class hardware and software for the agriculture, aggregates, insurance, and energy industries, and we’re proud to join forces to give these companies more tools to access the sky safely and grow their businesses,” said Jonathan Evans, Skyward CEO. “Drone operators need resources to efficiently manage fleets and get accurate airspace intelligence. This partnership builds on the robustness of the existing PrecisionHawk platform.”