NovAtel Inc., the world’s leading supplier of OEM Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) components and subsystems, today announced the SMART6-L, a GNSS antenna that integrates NovAtel’s OEM6™ engine with proven Pinwheel antenna technology. Tracking L1 and L2 GPS + GLONASS, the SMART6-L delivers scalable performance, from single frequency GL1DE smoothing performance to centimetre-level accuracy using dual frequency Real Time Kinematic (RTK) tracking. Optional L-band tracking improves positioning accuracy outside of L1 SBAS coverage areas.

Jason Hamilton, Director of Marketing at NovAtel stated, “The SMART6-L is ideal for manual guidance and auto-steer agriculture applications that benefit from ultra-smooth positioning and high pass-to-pass accuracy.” Mr. Hamilton added, “Our dual-frequency GL1DE firmware further enhances the absolute accuracy of the GL1DE position, creating a robust solution and mitigating the effects of high ionospheric activity.”

The design of the SMART6-L interface maximizes flexibility with NMEA 0183 compatible RS-232 serial ports and a NMEA2000 compatible CAN port. One PPS output, an event mark input and three daylight readable status LEDs are also provided. Built-in magnets simplify mounting although fixed mounting options are also available.

The SMART6-L is available for order starting March 18th, with product shipments commencing April 15.

Additional product information can be found on the NovAtel website at