CALGARY, Alta.  — NovAtel has launched its new SMART7 family of SMART antennas, adding SPAN technology, Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), Wi-Fi and Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity, tracking performance and TerraStar-C PRO corrections to the availability, accuracy, and reliability used by major equipment manufacturers for demanding applications like precision agriculture and machine control.

“Manufacturers that serve these demanding industries can now take advantage of the best in precise positioning technology, with added next-generation features including wireless connectivity, SPAN GNSS+INS integration and superior tracking performance, in an even more robust format,” said Gordon Ryley, Precision Agriculture Segment Manager at NovAtel. “With this combination of technologies, guidance systems can continue to steer during satellite signal outages and under challenging conditions.”

The SMART7-S includes NovAtel’s tightly-coupled GNSS+Inertial Navigation System (INS) SPAN technology, the most advanced GNSS+INS integration in the market. SPAN provides accurate attitude information that can simplify the development of vehicle guidance systems and bridge GNSS signal outages.

For easier connection to mobile devices and cellular gateways, the SMART7-W includes Wi-Fi and an integrated NTRIP client, and the SMART7-I model also incorporates Ethernet. A new advanced ISOBUS-compatible CAN interface also supports NovAtel logs, commands and firmware upgrades.

All models in the SMART7 family provide positioning availability using signals from all constellations and frequencies to deliver positioning anywhere. Each model includes a VEXXIS antenna, and supports TerraStar-C PRO, the newest offering from TerraStar correction services, which delivers 2.5 cm and convergence times of less than 18 minutes in most regions.

All SMART7 product models provide GNSS and availability, accuracy, and reliability in a rugged form factor.