NovAtel's SMART7 Antenna combines a NovAtel OEM7 receiver with a VEXXIS high precision antenna in a durable and waterproof enclosure. The SMART7’s ability to track multiple GNSS signals allows for better satellite availability under variable terrain and environmental conditions. TerraStar Correction Services and GLIDE provide flexible positioning options to meet application-specific needs for accuracy and pass-to-pass performance.

The SMART7 is optionally available with NovAtel’s tightly-coupled GNSS+Inertial Navigation System (INS) SPAN technology that is optimized for the unique dynamics commonly experienced in demanding applications like precision agriculture and machine control. By tightly coupling the inertial measurements with GNSS, SPAN helps to improve position accuracy, bridge GNSS outages, provide attitude information and terrain compensation. Additional options include Wi-Fi and Ethernet for users in need of wireless solutions. The RELAY7 RTK rover radio module is available as an accessory that attaches to the SMART7 to receive RTK corrections from a compatible base station, creating a single unit for easy system integration.

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