New from Salford Group, the BBI Sniper spinner spreader delivers targeted dry fertilizer application at widths up to 120 feet and uses patent-pending technology to follow prescription application targets by rapidly adjusting its spread pattern on the fly. 
“We designed this new spreader for farmers who are looking for the most cost-effective and consistent dry fertilizer delivery with a pull-type applicator,” said Richard Hagler, president of Salford’s BBI division. “The Sniper’s patent-pending technology was specifically engineered for and tested in irregular fields to prove it could help protect environmentally sensitive areas and reduce application overlap.”
Hagler also notes that although the BBI Sniper’s swath control technology is designed to reduce over-application in irregular fields, and fields with extreme point rows, its primary purpose is to apply dry fertilizer up to 120 feet for fast, efficient application.
The BBI Sniper’s superior accuracy is based on three independently controlled systems:

  1. Left/right hopper sections that utilize Salford BBI’s proven split conveyor for maximum control and rapid adjustment on the fly. Each side of the conveyor feeds its own flow divider and spinner, allowing half-width spreading along field boundaries and sensitive areas.
  2. Closed, multi-fin flow divider tightly controls the fertilizer’s drop point onto the spinner, ensuring accurate material delivery and providing protection from wind and minimizing the impact of slope.
  3. Independently controlled spinners engineered to speed up or slow down to accommodate varying swath widths. The system is calibrated for 12 sections, six per side, to maximize compatibility with ISOBUS virtual terminals and allow effective application at widths up to 120 feet in one pass.

In addition, the BBI Sniper features dynamic metering for more precise application rates. The dry rate controller monitors scale readings and tunes the metering system accordingly.
“Spreader swath control is a complex job involving multiple systems working together,” says Brad Baker, senior product manager at Salford Group. “With the BBI Sniper our engineering and product development team has taken this difficult task and presented an easy solution by designing simple, automated improvements to the three basic elements we already use to control spreader swath. The result is a faster more efficient spreader that is simple, reliable, easy to use and has industry-leading swath width and application control.”

Built on a high-clearance frame, the BBI Sniper fits pre-season as well as top-dress applications. The large, 9-ton capacity hopper allows coverage of more acres per load.
These additional design features of the BBI Sniper keep you in the field with less downtime during critical application times: 

  • High-clearance hopper, with option of either row crop or flotation tires, allows timely application, even after crop emergence
  • Spinners, shields and other key components are built with stainless steel to resist corrosion
  • Laser-cut parts deliver exact fit and precise operation
  • Closed hydraulic system with air cooler keeps oil at optimal operating temperature for less wear

Salford Group will introduce the BBI Sniper’s patent-pending application technology at the Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Assn. MAGIE Show, Aug. 22-23. The new unit is being released with limited availability for factory orders from dealers.