Ag Leader Technology – InCommand Display


Tech Specs: The InCommand family of precision ag displays, comprising of the 12-inch 1200 display and the 8-inch 800, offer year-round functionality, display-to-display communication and sharing, tablet-like interaction and map to an iPad via the AgFiniti mobile app.

Compatibility Index: Available as Aftermarket Product


Row-by-row planting maps offer historical pass-to-pass information so operators can easily identify planter issues. For liquid application, droplet size monitoring allows operators to ensure they are applying for proper chemical efficacy and preventing off-target drift.


Loup Electronics – Elite Drill Monitor


Tech Specs: A new product set to be available in Spring 2019, shows seed populations on screen. It can show both the average and target populations. There are four different sections featured: seed population controls, seed spacing, section control and section averages. Section averages can be viewed on the drill and sections can turned on and off at the user’s discretion. The system also uses the same sensors and harnessing as the Loup II monitor.

Compatibility Index: Available as Aftermarket Product


The system can be used for yield mapping and logging data to an SD card and load that data into any mapping software through an ISOBUS XML format.


RAM Mounts – Modular Aluminum RAM Tough-Track


Tech Specs: The RAM Tough-Track provides a clean and innovative way to mount a variety of devices in the cab. Combined with the RAM Track-Ball, these tracks become a universal mounting solution for a wide variety of devices including in-cab displays, phones, tablets, cameras and more. A quick turn of the ball allows it to be used as a mounting base that can slide along the track and lock in place, giving operators flexibility in adjusting devices. The modular aluminum version of the RAM Tough-Track is available in lengths ranging from 5-  17-inches. For combining multiple tracks, there is a center top-loading connector and a 90-degree top-loading connector.

Compatibility Index: Available as Aftermarket Product


Keep nearly any device secure and accessible while adding adjustability with the new RAM Tough-Track, keeping devices secure and stable.


JCA Electronics – JCA Vireo


Tech Specs: The JCA Vireo is a wireless ISOBUS virtual terminal (VT). The Vireo app runs on iOS, Android and Windows and provides implement access by connecting to a vehicle’s ISOBUS network via WiFi and bridges implement control to wireless mobile devices via JCA’s Hummingbird controller. Operators have a flexible VT option, and can choose a mobile device with the desired screen size for their application. The portability allows for configuration and troubleshooting, eliminating the need for a second person in the cab at the controls.


The JCA Vireo app allows for viewing and controlling multiple screens and implements by launching the app on multiple devices simultaneously and the wireless connection allows the operator to move freely outside the cab of the vehicle while carrying the VT in their hands.


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