iCropTrak iPad Farm Management App has announced iCropTrak Version 3.1 with live weather station data added to every measurement and field; NOAA historical data for predicting future weather per field; and a new “Info Page” technology for in field customized display of your information.

iCropTrak is a map centric field data collection application that lets you turn your historical data and current paper data collection processes into digital ones called “measurements.” iCropTrak has always told you for every measurement: a) what was collected, b) who collected it, c) when they collected it, and d) where they collected it and now adds e) the weather when collected.

No more having to remember to separately capture weather for regulatory filings.  iCropTrak automatically captures the weather at the location and time of data entry. It is so easy you could start your own big data program to analyzing how weather affects your soil samples results, pests management program, growing schedule, and much more with the additional data.

iCropTrak also archives daily weather summaries for all your fields, crops, and weather stations and offers access to NOAA historical data. This data is used to calculate GDD (growing degree days) for user defined growth intervals over the entire growing season for each of your crops, weeds, and pests. The results are updated daily and then presented as calendars dates, so they are easy to use when advance planning when you will scout, spray, and harvest this season.

Farming is Data Management, so finding the right piece of data to support a decision is important. Info Pages represents the next revolution in user customizable data presentation and decision-aids. Allowing people to build quickly in the field, data presentations that have in the past have required hard coded complex custom reports.

Info Pages work by allowing the iPad user to select from all of the existing measurement data items to create a new combined and formatted data presentation for each selected field on the map.  Info Pages 1.0 supports:

  • Presenting the last value entered for a data item
  • Determining the Minimum, Maximum, and Average value entered for a data item
  • Summing a series of data item entries over a date range (think harvest tickets)
  • Accumulating values from two data items (think silo or warehouse inventory).

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