After 21 years working as a parts manager for another dealership, Gary Fennig left the dealership to go help with the family’s crop insurance business. But he didn’t’ stay away from selling equipment long, starting Fennig Equipment just a year later in 2011. What started off with selling a pallet of twine to a farmer has turned into a successful shortline dealership that carries 9 different lines.

Today, Gary’s wife, Angie, and son, Adam, are both involved in the business as well. As the dealership has grown, Gary’s role has changed as well.

The Fennigs sat down to talk during the Precision Farming Dealer Summit. The three share the origin of how the dealership evolved from that initial pallet of twine and what their vision for the future is.

When it comes to what sets them apart, Adam Fennig says, “We offer some different equipment, but anyone can offer that. But what’s different is we run on our agenda. We don’t have someone telling us what to push. We get to talk to hundreds of farmers a week and by having that nose to the ground, we get to hear what the farmers are telling us and we adjust to that”

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