McFarlane Mfg. Co. Inc. expands its precision technology offering by acquiring CMT AG LLC, a precision equipment dealer serving southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. 

“This is a great opportunity for our customers,” says Cory Rothmann, McFarlanes’ outside sales, “We’re now fully staffed with a team that can help growers optimize their yield from planting to harvest. The acquisition of CMT AG LLC’s product lines rounds out our ag equipment and service offering, and we’re now a one-stop shop for our customers.” 

The future of farming depends on getting the best yield per acre. Precision technology helps growers farm smarter, and the technology requires expertise and constant education to ensure success. The acquisition of CMT AG LLC ensures that customers who buy tractors, planters, and harvesting equipment from McFarlanes’ are fully supported after the sale. 

“I’m excited to bring precision technology to McFarlanes’,” says Chad Toedter, owner of CMT AG LLC, “We’ve worked alongside the McFarlanes’ team for a few years and value their commitment to their customers. This partnership will only improve our customer’s experience. Planting windows in the spring are short, and harvesting days are long. Together, we have more resources to support our customers, day or night. We’ll be there from the beginning to ensure they get the right tools for their operation and keep those tools working properly.”

CMT AG LLC was an authorized dealer of Precision Planting, Ag Leader and 360 Yield Center solutions. Those solutions will all eventually be offered at McFarlanes’. Starting March 1, customers can visit McFarlanes’ in Sauk City to see the latest precision technology and learn more from the team. 

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