HTS Ag, an agriculture technology company serving Iowa and surrounding states since 1995, has announced they are now providing sales, installation, and service of OPI-integris Advanced Grain Management Systems and CMC Industrial Electronics Hazard Monitoring (HazMon) products to the commercial grain and elevator markets.

HTS Ag has been selling the OPI-integris Advanced Grain Management systems to growers for the past few years, making it a natural fit to extend those products and services to commercial grain facilities. OPI-integris provides digitally-driven temperature and moisture cable and the market-leading Advanced Grain Management grain temperature and moisture monitoring systems to help achieve maximum return on your stored grain assets. For more information check out the OPI-integris website

HTS Ag is offering HazMon systems from CMC Industrial Electronics. CMC manufactures industry-leading digital hazard monitoring and grain temperature systems to protect your people, your processes and your profits. Their systems provide real-time feedback and early warning of impending problems, thus enabling proactive maintenance and improved process efficiency and safety. CMC’s Intrinsically Safe systems monitor shaft rotation, bearing temperature, belt alignment, vibration and grain temperature. For more information check out the CMC website at

In 2011, OPI-integris and CMC Industrial Electronics Ltd. announced their Digital Alliance — bringing the digital revolution to the grain processing industry. Both systems work together on an integrated platform. CMC’s hazard monitoring operates seamlessly with OPI-integris Advanced Grain Management grain monitoring software to provide the grain industry with a single, elegant, hazardous location-approved solution.

For more information contact HTS Ag at 712-794-7992 or check out their website at