Lance Formwalt

Lance Formwalt

With more farm data being collected, transferred and analyzed, there is increased potential that information can be lost or mismanaged. Keeping data safe and secure is a priority for dealers, but do they have internal policies and agreements in place to do so effectively? 

Lance Formwalt, leads the Equipment Dealer practice group at Seigfreid Bingham in Kansas City, Mo., and serves as legal counsel for individual farm equipment dealerships and several North American dealer associations.

Formwalt assists dealers and associations with a variety of matters, including implementation and execution of privacy policies and related agreements that assist dealers in reducing risk involved with the handling of precision data as well as other customer information. He understands that managing farm data can be a moving target for many dealers and there is a need to insulate companies from liability, while also instilling confidence in customers that their information is safe.

"It’s partly a legal issue and partly a customer relations issue,” Formwalt says. “That’s what a privacy policy is all about — your promises to the customer about how you’re going to use their data, collect it and keep it confidential.”

In this live webinar event, Formwalt will share tips and tactics dealers can utilize to protect themselves and their customers from precision data disasters, along with what to expect in the future.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Considerations for how to successfully structure and implement a precision data privacy policy and data security program 
  • How to avoid potential risks and liability exposures to you and your customers when handling precision data 
  • Tips for utilizing privacy policies and related agreements as customer service tools

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The presentation is followed by a Q&A session.

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