By: Michael Lawson, Reynolds Farm Equipment

ATLANTA, Ind. — Reynolds Farm Equipment has announced a new, cutting-edge service called Croponomics. Unveiled as a highly-effective, technological service, Croponomics helps manage and maximize farm profits per acre.

The Croponomics team provides additional confidence and support to the farmer by helping determine the best options for making high-end decisions for farming operations. Croponomics agronomists simplify the difficult task of analyzing data, allowing farmers to prioritize field work.

Croponomics was the idea of agronomist John Baute who saw a great need providing the farmer with more in-depth data analysis and a better usage of mapping, regardless of the color of machinery. Baute says, “Croponomics will show you where profit and loss is happening in your fields. This knowledge will lead you to make more informed management decisions such as tile placement, better ROI of nutrient distribution and making cash rent decisions, just to name a few.”

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