ST. LOUIS – Today from InfoAg, FarmLogs announced the release of FarmLogs Flow, the first connected machine product to generate instant yield maps. The small plug-in hardware device integrates with the FarmLogs platform and automatically creates yield maps, eliminating the complex and manual time consuming process of collecting, transferring, downloading and uploading yield files to get maps into software where they can benefit the farmer.

Complete with built-in cellular connectivity and compatible with all late model Case, New Holland and John Deere combines, the FarmLogs Flow device plugs into a combine’s existing ISOBUS port allowing yield data to flowseamlessly into the FarmLogs platform while harvesting, without any additional work from the operator. Farmers are then able to get instant access to yield maps as fields are being harvested, making the entire FarmLogs experience even more valuable. Beneficial yield data owned by farmers is safely and securely stored in their FarmLogs account along with crop health maps, field scouting notes and weather data where it can easily be shared with anyone of the farmer’s choosing.

“I know firsthand from my family’s farm that when it's time to harvest, getting the crops out of the fields is the first priority and collecting data is secondary. Now, with FarmLogs Flow we don’t have to make a choice between the two. We get our yield maps while the combine is still in the field and can trust that FarmLogs will bring everything together in one place, making data collection and management easier than ever before,” said Jesse Vollmar, CEO and co-founder of FarmLogs. “Yield maps already help us pinpoint and quantify the variability in our fields. FarmLogs Flow makes it effortless and enables us to share that knowledge with advisors and incorporate field performance knowledge into our farm operation.”

Customers can order the FarmLogs Flow device now through the FarmLogs website for delivery beginning in August. Each FarmLogs Flow device will be available to lease for $749 annually with a one-year agreement.

In addition to unveiling the Flow device, FarmLogs is also announcing that it has open sourced the process for decoding the ISOBUS data necessary for generating yield maps in an effort to encourage the industry to build on top of this foundation and to start being more open with data formats. Equipment manufacturers are being invited to contribute to the open source repository on GitHub immediately. 

“We believe that since farmers own the data that their machines generate, it is to their advantage for it to be open and accessible,” said Jesse Vollmar, CEO and co-founder of FarmLogs. “This is an investment that we are willing to make because it benefits the farmer. We hope that manufactures will also help the farmer by adding support for additional equipment and other types of maps.”

FarmLogs Flow will be available for preview at the 2015 InfoAg Conference in St. Louis from July 28-30, 2015. To get a behind the scenes look into what it took to create Flow and other technology products for the modern farm, attend Jesse Vollmar’s InfoAg session: How FarmLogs Powers the Intelligent Farm on Thursday, July 30, at 9:00 am. To learn more about the FarmLogs Flow Device or to see how FarmLogs is helping to bring the future of farming to reality, visit