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ISOBUS Liquid Module

Tech Specs: Compatible with ISOBUS standards for virtual terminal (VT) and task controller (TC), this functionality allows for module use with Ag Leader Technology and other brands of VT and TC compatible displays. Easy to use and calibrate, the module is configurable for the user’s choice of sprayer, liquid fertilizer, anhydrous and manure application with features and interactive controls optimized specific to each of those equipment types. Key features include support for pressure-based product control, up to 24 boom sections and advanced product monitoring to prevent misapplication.

Compatibility Index: ISOBUS Certified Component, Available Factory Installed


WOW Factor: Compatible with ISOBUS standards for universal terminal and task controller, the system works with Ag Leader and other brands of UT compatible displays. The system also provides automatic section control of up to 24 boom sections and can use flow-based control for higher rates, then automatically switch to pressure based for optimum control at lower rates.


Apollo ECU

Tech Specs: Topcon Precision Agriculture’s new Apollo application control electronic control units (ECUs) include the CM-40 control module and the EM-24 expansion module. The units feature easy-to-use Horizon software when combined with the X30 console. They also have ISO UT compatibility enabling their use with virtually any ISO-VT console on the market. Seeder features include multi bin/tank rate control of up to eight tanks with any combination of granular, liquid and anhydrous. Multi-section boom control allows up to four sections with two multi-section granular booms (one for seed, one for fertilizer) and two multi-section liquid/NH3 booms. Each multi-section boom can have up to 16 individual sections. Optional blockage monitoring is available to monitor more than 100 lines. The advanced Auto Section Control (ASC) timing feature allows setting section times to individually compensate for product travel times to the outer sections of the drill vs. the inner sections. This feature is designed to provide increased accuracy with the wide seeding drills currently being used in the market. An implement modeling feature adds depth to the air drill that takes into account the front and rear of the implement when using auto section control.

Compatibility Index: ISOBUS Certified Component


WOW Factor: The blocked head monitoring option provides up to 40 sensors per EM-24 module, and up to a maximum of 240 sensors. Other options include, granular drive and liquid/ NH3 drive (proportional and actuator), stopped shaft monitoring, granular section sensing and section control, implement lift/lower control, down force pressure control, pump speed monitoring, forward speed fallback and more.

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