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AG LEADER TECHNOLOGY — DirectCommand ISOBUS Liquid Control Module


Tech Specs: The DirectCommand ISOBUS Liquid Control Module system from Ag Leader Technology is compatible with ISOBUS standards for universal terminal (UT) and task control (TC). This functionality allows for use of the system with other brands of UT and TC compatible displays. The droplet size monitoring feature ensures proper plant coverage and is available right from the run screen. Operators can continuously monitor the relationship between product flow rates and system pressure, which permits early detection and warning in event of a sensor failing or drifting off previously calibrated baselines. Settings are available to automate boom prime and maintain a standby pressure to ensure accurate product flow rates without lag in performance after initial machine fill every time the boom is cycled on/off/on turning around at field headlands. The system supports up to 36 boom sections for less overlap of product application.

Compatibility Index: Available Factory Installed

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WOW Factor: Data collected in the field is readily accessible via PDF or iPad for government reporting, in-field productivity scouting and input purchasing decisions. ISOBUS compatibility means this advanced application controller works with the precision display farmers already have.

CASE IH — AFS ISOBUS Product Control


Tech Specs: AFS ISOBUS Product Control from Case IH is an ISOBUS complaint rate controller that can be added to existing implements for precision farming functionality for anhydrous ammonia (NH3), liquid toolbar, slurry, spreader and sprayer applications.

Compatibility Index: ISOBUS Certified Component, Exclusively Aftermarket Product

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WOW Factor: The system allows farmers to add precision farming features to existing implements to save on input costs while benefiting from section control and variable-rate technology.

AGTRON — The Legend S.A.


Tech Specs: The Legend S.A. from Agtron works with the new sectional control drills to monitor rate and blockage, but senses which sections are active (section aware) so the operator is not getting false blocks. Also, if the section mechanism fails, the operator is notified that seed is still flowing. The proven stainless steel infrared sensors work in a simple daisy-chain harness to identify a problem run by number.

Compatibility Index: Exclusively Aftermarket Product

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WOW Factor: No false alarms or inactive sensors.

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