T-L Irrigation Co., manufacturer of hydrostatically powered pivot and linear irrigation systems, announces VRI application, the latest advancement in web-based irrigation management and services combined with T-L’s family of pivot management control systems.

Variable Rate Irrigation
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Developed by CropMetrics, the Precision Irrigation Management services provided, when coupled with the Precision Link and the Precision Point III (PPC III) Control Panel from T-L, allows irrigation management with data- driven VRI prescription.

  • Agronomic VRI control is facilitated with CropMetrics Precision Irrigation Management Services.
  • New One-Time CropMetrics VRI Rx App Lifetime License
  • Improves Energy and Water Use Efficiency
  • Increases Yield

Data-driven VRI prescriptions with Cropmetrics, Precision Link, and PPC III, combined with T-L’s hydrostatic design and continuous system movement help improve crop production, and provide highly effective application solutions with precision agronomic irrigation management.

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