Agrible Inc., creators of the Morning Farm Report suite of predictive analytics tools, today launched Find My Seed, an independent, free seed selection tool for growers. Find My Seed combines the most current data from over 200,000 third-party seed trial plots covering over 18,000 corn and soybean varieties into an easy-to-use tool that gives growers the necessary information to choose the best seeds for their operation.

Through the online platform, growers can easily find the right seed based on multiple factors, such as location, soil type, seed technology, brand, and more. After the grower selects a few options based on these factors, Find My Seed shows the top performing seeds in a clean summary view.

“Growers trust seed reps and dealers, but need to verify substitutions, deals, and new choices to make the best business decisions for their farms,” said Agrible CEO Chris Harbourt. "Our team has a deep background in agriculture, and embraced the opportunity to give growers solid information on a key decision like seed choice. "

To create Find My Seed, the Agrible team combined the results of hundreds of thousands of seed trial plots from universities, independent researchers, and other third-party entities. All of that data was curated, standardized, and made easily searchable and comparable.

“We heard over and over from growers the desire for an unbiased, independent seed selector tool,” said Paul Miller, Chief Science Officer of Agrible. “Finding the right seed can be one of the toughest and most expensive decisions a grower makes, so we created Find My Seed to give growers access to the best data out there from trusted independent sources.”

Find My Seed further expands the features provided in Agrible's Morning Farm Report platform. Morning Farm Report brings value to agricultural operations by providing field-specific predictive analytics, allowing growers to make the most informed decisions possible. Find My Seed is available for free at, and integrates with other tools found in Morning Farm Report.