BROOMFIELD, Colo. — A new agreement between aWhere and HydroBio will provide more accurate daily and weekly irrigation prescriptions, crop monitoring, crop water storage and strategy information that will enable more precise decision-making for growers worldwide.

HydroBio will leverage aWhere’s agricultural intelligence data to incorporate field-level weather and agronomic data into its web-based irrigation support system. With this combined data from aWhere and HydroBio’s advanced analytics, farmers can now turn easy-to-understand information into action, using one convenient platform.

"The water-saving possibility for farmers is now very real with the integration of agriculturally relevant weather data with our advanced satellite imagery analytics. Combined, this information will power a decision engine that can drive farm profitability and conservation,” said Barrett Mooney, CEO of HydroBio.

As the demand on global water use continues, HydroBio's advanced remote sensing technology and analytics become increasingly more relevant to help improve the future of farming, the environment, and food security. HydroBio's software produces prescriptions on crop water requirements such as where, when and how much water to apply at the field level. They currently serve thousands of acres, manage 1.7 trillion gallons of water in ten countries and continue to expand.

“Understanding the growing stage in each field combined with agriculturally reliable weather conditions is essential data to optimize irrigation management. Farmers don’t need more data, they need better information delivered to them in an understandable format enabling them to make the best in-field decisions for their farming practices,” said John Corbett, CEO of aWhere. aWhere data is used by the HydroBio application to provide greater agricultural intelligence specific to farm water management.