Jenner Ag is pleased to announce that for the Illinois and Indiana ag retail market segments, it is now responsible for sales and support on the entire 360 Yield Center product line, with exclusive distribution rights for the 360 EQUIFLOW NH3 application system.

“The addition of innovative 360 Yield Center products to our portfolio gives our ag retailer customers a knowledgeable, trusted source to help them find the best ways to effectively incorporate precision ag into their operations,” says James Fehr, General Manager of Jenner Ag’s Application Division.

360 Yield Center provides ag retailers with nutrient application tools that improve accuracy, timing and placement to improve efficiency. Their products give ag retailers and custom applicators the ability to cover more acres and extend the application window. Products include the 360 EQUIFLOW NH3 application system, which keeps anhydrous ammonia in a liquid form for more accurate row-to-row application, and 360 Y-DROP, which gives ag retailers a new way to expand the sidedress window and gain additional custom revenue with late-season nitrogen application.

“Jenner is the dominant sales and service provider for the ag retail industry in Illinois and Indiana, and we are excited to team up to supply these customers with exciting new tools for nitrogen application,” says James Hedges, Director of Sales, 360 Yield Center. “Ag retailer and customer applicators are always looking for new ways to serve growers, and Jenner is ideally positioned to help ag retailers understand the value of these products to their business and their customers.”