BloombergBusiness reports that the Air Force command operating U.S. military satellites is concerned that a mobile broadband service proposed by LightSquared Inc., which recently rebranded as Ligado Networks LLC, will interfere with GPS signals. General John Hyten, head of the Air Force Space Command, is reported to have voiced his concerns before a House Armed Services panel this week as Ligado tries again to become a U.S. mobile provider.

Prior objections over interference, from officials including Hyten’s predecessor, forced LightSquared into bankruptcy court in 2012. Opponents included airlines, Deere & Co., the military and makers of GPS technology. Since emerging from bankruptcy, Ligado settled its lawsuit with Deere and made agreements with Deere, Garmin and Trimble Navigation.

Hyten said he wants to see results from new tests that will begin in April to determine if Ligado has successfully reduced the risk of interference with the GPS operated by the U.S. military since the last time objections were raised. Ligado is reported as saying it will limit its use of airwaves nearest those needed by the U.S. military and has asked the government to let commercial providers share airwaves used for weather data in those areas.