YUMA, Colo. — Agri-Inject has introduced its new member of the Mister Mist’r lineup of fluid injection check valves. The new Omni Mister Mist’r is designed to deliver consistent product injection in a wide variety of applications.
Manufactured of glass-filled PVDF and featuring a Viton seal and Hastelloy C spring, the Omni Mister Mist’r will stand up to virtually any chemical used in agricultural and many industrial injection settings.
The Omni Mister Mist’r fits both ½ inch and ¾ inch threaded pipe inlets, though the ¾ inch option is recommended for pipes 2.5 inches in diameter and above. The Omni also offers two input options — a ½ inch male thread and a ¼ inch female thread, to accommodate either the Agri-Inject Ultra Bleeder or Classic Bleeder valve.

It provides 15 pounds of backpressure, thus functioning as a federal and state approved agricultural injection check valve, and can handle injection rates up to 55 gallons per hour.
Other benefits of the Omni Mister Mist’r include the four-way spray design, which essentially atomizes the injected product and evenly distributes it into the water flow. (See more at www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-X_2joB4OU). Because the injection point resides within the pipe, moving parts are continually cleaned by the flowing water, ensuring a longer operating life.