AHW has recently moved its Solution Center to Interstate Research Park in Champaign, Ill. 

With the growth of staff and services the Solution Center has experienced, they need to expand to a larger facility. “Our previous location served us well over the last five years. However, our continued growth led to a cramped environment at the original Solution Center in Champaign,” says Justin Blanchette, Precision Ag Business Manager. “Our new facility gives us some breathing room to add more personnel and expand our connected support capabilities,” he continues.

With the additional space at the new location, the AHW Solution Center will also have the ability to deliver more customer training via virtual meetings and additional internal training capabilities for AHW employees.

The AHW Solution Center is a state-of-the-art facility staffed with dedicated technicians that remotely support, troubleshoot, and resolve specific technology issues for John Deere agricultural equipment. 

More information about the AHW Solution Center may be found at http://www.ahwllc.com/jd-precision-ag/solutions/ahw-solution-center.