Sentera announced the immediate availability of the Sentera AGX710 gimbaled precision agriculture sensor with plug-and-play integration for DJI’s  Matrice 200 Series industrial drones. The Sentera AGX710 sensor delivers crop health insights and enables ag professionals to develop high-precision spectral index measurements and run deep learning algorithms on acquired data.

Data from the sensor imports directly into the Sentera FieldAgent Platform, where advanced insights help detect disease, pest, and other pressures, identify deficiencies, and assess nutrition status. FieldAgent’s mobile app offers complete flight planning and execution support for the new solutions. Full integration with DJI’s transmission system delivers live-streaming video and still image download capabilities, and complete gimbal and camera control is available directly from the drone’s remote controller. 

Advancing Agriculture
The deep integration between the AGX710 and DJI drones comes from DJI’s newly released Payload Software Development Kit (SDK) and accompanying DJI Skyport adapter. Sentera and DJI collaborated to develop the Payload SDK and AGX710 in parallel, ensuring both were optimized for the benefit of the agriculture industry.

Crop Scouting Backbone
The Sentera AGX710 attaches to any supported DJI enterprise drone in seconds. Based on Sentera’s proven sensor technology, the AGX710 delivers a variety of standard products including high-resolution RGB, normalized difference vegetative index (NDVI), normalized difference red-edge (NDRE), nearly a dozen other specialized index products.

In addition, Sentera analytics around stand and emergence, variability, biomass, nutrition, pest, weed, and disease status are compatible with AGX710 imagery.

Sentera’s gimbal stabilizes the sensor for optimal positioning during image capture, and allows for the same automated and manual positioning capabilities that users have come to expect from DJI equipment.

Part Evolution, Part Revolution
On-field data products have become more sophisticated, but drone operations have become easier to learn and use. Sentera’s FieldAgent platform handles the entire pipeline, providing a complete crop-scouting solution right out of the box. Via FieldAgent, AGX710 customers immediately enjoy broad data compatibility with virtually all major digital agriculture platforms.