TerrAvion and Cerra announced both a joint partnership and a new product offering. TerrAvion, a provider of aerial imagery to agriculture, has formed the partnership with insight delivery service company Cerra to help TerrAvion’s customers extract insights from disparate data sources and help deploy data science solutions.

TerrAvion and Cerra are now offering their first collaborative product available to growers. Using TerrAvion’s market-leading aerial imagery and Cerra’s powerful analytics, growers can now purchase a tree count with their seasonal subscriptions of aerial imagery from TerrAvion.

“For years, citrus and other tree fruit growers have been seeking a better way to get a seasonal count of the trees they have under management,” said vice president of partnerships, Brandon Udelhofen. “Whereas growers historically have paid for someone to ride an ATV through each of the rows in their grove to count the trees, they can now get the same information from us at a fraction of the price,” said Udelhofen. He continued, “through the development and validation process, we’ve been impressed with the Cerra insight platform’s ability to accurately count trees using our imagery and we’re extremely excited to offer this package to our customers.”

”Extracting meaningful business insights is always a challenge for companies. The aerial images provided by TerrAvion are an excellent example of a data source where different insights can extract and in this first use case we are extracting accurate tree counts.”, said vice president of strategy, Richard Lopez. “Other insights can be extracted from these aerial images but the real power comes when you can take disparate data sources, for example, aerial images and weather, and start to use machine learning to perform predictive analysis gaining even more powerful business insights”, said Lopez.