The Delair UX11 Fixed-Wing Drone provides precise views over large areas, enabling cloud-based machine learning analytics that derive real-time and impactful business intelligence. It can be used for a variety of imaging, mapping, monitoring and maintenance tasks not previously practical or possible with other terrestrial or airborne approaches. The Delair UX11 consists of a portable, lightweight and modular hardware frame that is easy to assemble.

The drone features BTOL (bird-like take-off and landing) for steep-climb take offs and descents in confined areas, can remain airborne for up to an hour and is capable of covering 500 acres in a single flight. Pilots can control the drone through either 2.4 GHz wireless communication or available 3G/4G cellular networks.

The UX11 drone is controlled and monitored with an intuitive software workflow before, during and after the flight. The Delair Flight Deck software can be run from standard Android tablets and allows quick mission planning and pre-flight checks. Once airborne, real time monitoring gives pilots flexibility to adjust flights and camera settings, as well as see and verify results as they are collected to ensure the highest quality images are obtained.

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