Hemisphere’s HA32 UAV Antenna is a high-performance antenna that supports GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou and Hemisphere Atlas L-band correction service. It was designed specifically for UAVs, GIS, surveying, RTK and other applications requiring high-precision positioning and navigation.

The HA32 is built on a 4-helix antenna technology that provides superior filtering and anti-jamming performance with LNA features such as a low noise figure of 2.0 decibels and up to a 30 decibel gain. Suitable for most outdoor and harsh operating environments, the HA32 antenna is sealed in a durable and ruggedized IP67-rated enclosure for protection against dust and water and is equipped with an O-ring.

The lightweight (40 grams typical) and compact form-factor (40 x 75 millimeters) design of the antenna makes it resistant to wind when installed on UAVs and offers easy integration with a single SMA RF connector.

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