SALINA, Kan. — In the past five years, the agriculture industry has experienced incredible changes. Growers are changing how they farm, and with it, their expectations. They have shared their challenges with Great Plains, and the company has listened.

“Farmers have gone from having desirable profits and being able to acquire new equipment and land to much more challenging times,” says David Disberger, president, Great Plains Ag Division. “At Great Plains, we’ve continued to focus on making farmers more successful through improved agronomy practices, and we want our products’ design and development to have a positive impact on the farmer’s bottom line.”

In response to these more challenging times, Great Plains is committed to continuous improvement. The leadership team has expanded to include new members with knowledge, experience and passion for growth in the agriculture industry.

“We’re continuing to invest in our people. Any great company wants to put resources into helping push the industry to new frontiers,” Disberger adds. “As a leader in the agricultural equipment industry, Great Plains is evolving to play an important role within the changing agriculture industry.”

The company has implemented a new product development system and expanded its LEAN manufacturing initiatives to become as efficient as possible, while still providing outstanding service and products for their farmer customers.

“Great Plains has continued to invest in each of our product lines, as well,” says Disberger. “Our goal is to work with our dealers and customers to learn what their needs are, so we can offer the best agronomic and cost-effective solutions to maximize farmers’ profitability.”

As part of the company’s evolution, Great Plains is renewing its commitment to the planter category, and will be launching some innovative new products later this summer.

“We’re truly excited about the improvements we’ve made, particularly in our planter line. Planters are going to be a critical product offering for us moving forward,” says Disberger. “We are striving to be a market leader in that product category.”

Disberger emphasized that Great Plains will continue to invest and innovate in all their product lines, focusing on improving the farmers’ equipment experiences and overall profitability.