Ag Leader Technology – SureDrive

Ag Leader SureDrive

Tech Specs: SureDrive is an electric planter meter drive system. By attaching directly to the seed meter, the system ensures precise control of the planter meter and incorporates variable-rate planting, turn compensation and row-by-row shut-off. The high-torque motor isn’t tied to a specific brand or type of seed meter, including hard-pulling finger meters, so operators can optimize the meter and planter they already have. The system’s sealed construction means years of reliable, maintenance-free service, all while eliminating old point row clutches, air clutches, hydraulic drives, chains, bearings, hex shafts and harnesses. SureDrive is controlled exclusively through the InCommand 1200 display, allowing row-by-row planter monitoring and recording capabilities on the display and on an iPad through the AgFiniti mobile app.

Compatibility Index: Available as Aftermarket Product


By attaching directly to the meter, SureDrive is also a row-by-row clutching device to prevent seed waste caused by overlap and is also a variable-rate meter drive allowing instantaneous population rate changes. Also included is turn compensation, where outside rows plant more during sweeping turns and inside rows slow down to ensure consistent planting and spacing across the width of the planter.


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