Laforge’s DynaTrac interface earned a Gold Medal at the 2019 SIMA Agribusiness show, held Feb. 24-28 in Paris. 

The system is positioned on the tractor rear hitch and slides laterally, controlled by the guidance system (GPS or camera) to ensure a rear implement positioning with an accuracy close to one inch. It allows decoupling of the implement’s motion from the tractor’s one. This eliminates constrains on the implement which eases its positioning and improves tracking of tractor’s trajectory. It has been proven beneficial both on flat and hilly fields. 

Key Features 

  • A DynaTrac interface coupled with a guidance system (GPS or camera) allows farms to instantly get ready for precision farming with their current range of implements and the ones to come. 
  • The user only needs to understand and set up one kind of interface instead of a specific one for each implement. 
  • Compatible with all tractors and all implements in the marketplace, the DynaTrac adds the guidance function to standard implements. It is an economical solution instead of buying an implement-dedicated guidance function on each implement. 

Agronomic Considerations

  • Strip-till implement guided to only till area to be seeded, allowing to reduce fuel consumption and limit soil disturbance. Place seeds at a later stage accurately by guiding planter with DynaTrac as well. 
  • Planting with regular spacing between rows on the whole field, allowing: 
    • Mechanical termination of weeds (cultivator). Possibility to work even at early / late stage of plant growth, in windy or in poor light conditions because of GPS signal. 
    • Harvest optimized and fast with no guess rows and harvester guided by seeding line. 
  • Efficient bedding and planting of vegetables through accuracy, preventing overlaps and poor positioning which generate yield losses. 
  • Fertilizer applied as close as possible to the roots, whatever the growth stage of the plant. 
  • Savings for the farmer and decrease of fertilizer application rate positive for the environment. 

Drip Irrigation

  • Allows to position irrigation tapes precisely and then plant close to them to boost yields while limiting water consumption. 
  • Allows subsequent operations without damaging irrigation tapes grids.