SUNNYVALE, Calif.—Trimble announced the launch of Farmer Core, a new entry-level Trimble Ag Software subscription that enables farmers to connect all aspects of their farm operation. Available online and on any mobile device, Farmer Core is a powerful yet affordable software-as-a-service (SaaS) that integrates machine-generated data from precision ag displays to simplify farm setup and streamline farm operations.

Farmer Core leverages the new AutoSync feature, which automatically syncs guidance lines, field names, boundaries, landmarks and operator information across Trimble Ag Software and Trimble displays using the Precision-IQ field application. Precision-IQ is used to collect and manage data from in-field activities. By reducing human error and eliminating the need to manually share data via USB, this new AutoSync functionality improves overall farm record integrity. 

AutoSync is included with Trimble Ag Software subscriptions to Farmer Core, Farmer Fit or Farmer Pro. With AutoSync, Farmer Core significantly reduces duplication, data re-entry and human error because the creation and ongoing management of field and operator information — whether online, via the Trimble Ag mobile app or on the display — is automatically synced within minutes across the entire farm operation.

Farmer Core is a powerful addition to the Trimble Connected Farm solution, a unified suite of precision ag applications covering all aspects of modern agricultural management. From the office to the field, all year round, Trimble Connected Farm enables growers to perform critical farm work smarter, faster and more cost-effectively. Through universal vehicle and implement integration, seamless data transfer and analysis as well as the ability to leverage Trimble’s leading satellite-delivered positioning correction services, farmers can connect as much or as little of their operation as they choose, with easy options for expanding and upgrading as desired.

In addition, Farmer Core, Farmer Fit and Farmer Pro subscriptions enable users to work with precision ag data in real time, including data imported via APIs from third-party displays. 

With Farmer Core growers can:

● Simplify Farm Setup:  Create client/farm/field names, import or draw field boundaries and map landmarks with Trimble Ag Mobile, which will then sync across connected devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets and Trimble displays using the Precision-IQ field application.

● Streamline Farm Operations:  Manage guidance lines boundaries, field names, landmarks and operator data across connected devices in a farm operation, integrating all machine-generated data from Trimble displays and other sources via APIs.

● Improve Reliability of Farm Records:  Track purchases and costs by field, improve consistency of precision ag data and generate reliable ‘proof-of-placement’ reports for a farmer’s own farm records and for third parties.

“Today, farmers often struggle with how they manage guidance lines. When they’re set up on one display or in the office, operators have to share these with other displays via USB. It’s a clunky process," said Craig Hiemstra, general manager of Trimble's Agriculture Business Solutions. "Farmer Core, which leverages AutoSync, takes this solution to the next level and helps our customers move faster and reduce mistakes, saving both time and money." 

A Farmer Core subscription is $199 per year. Connecting to Trimble displays with AutoSync requires a Display Connection, which is $99 per display per year. For more information or to purchase Farmer Core, visit: