Reinke's Advanced Plus Panel features a customizable interface with a 4.3 inch full color touch screen display. This display is easy to program and is capable of performing standard functions with the touch of buttons such as stop, start, forward and reverse. The grower has the ability to control what they would like to see on their home screen of the display. The display is also easy to program and navigate.

The Advanced Plus Panel is a ReinCloud-Ready product. ReinCloud-Ready products are capable of connecting to the remote monitoring and operational software, known as ReinCloud. ReinCloud gives the user the ability to remotely monitor and control the pivot with any internet connected device. This web-based application is also easy to use and allows the grower to perform numerous functions of the pivot, receive notifications and more.

With the Advanced Plus Main Control Panel there are several additional features beyond the Advanced Panel. Electronic flow meter input, independent pump control, pressure restart, temperature restart and speed control by percentage are all standard features of this panel. The grower has additional options such as pressure transducer, record keeping and more.

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