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Most dealers, whether they realize it or not, have a marketable niche and it is a key part of growing business. For any dealer, the first step is knowing who is in your market and how you are targeting them.  

In many respects, precision farming has become an increasingly specialized business, as dealers seek to differentiate themselves from the competition with customized services.

But carving out a profitable precision niche requires a disciplined approach to identifying the need, filling the void and then capitalizing on growth potential.

Working with customers across a wide service area can present both benefits and drawbacks. Matt Miller, product specialist with Butler Ag Equipment in Fremont, Neb. has taken an opportunistic approach to providing customized precision services, that can be broadly applied across the dealership’s 18 locations in Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota.

In his nearly 6 years as a precision product specialist, Matt has helped develop and broaden the dealership’s RTK subscription network, increasing revenue each year, and also led the launch of Butler’s test plot tour in 2018.

In today’s Precision Farming Dealer podcast, Matt shares how Butler Ag Equipment is bringing to market some new precision programs designed to connect with customers on an individual level, while also creating recurring revenue opportunities for the dealership.

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