DISTek Integration Inc., introduces VIRTEC, an ISOBUS 11783-compliant software library for agricultural manufacturers to enable vehicle-to-implement communication via virtual terminal consoles.

VIRTEC provides ready-made software implementing the ISO standard, while allowing full customization of OEM applications. Manufacturers are able to display information, control machine functions and develop innovative technology while maintaining full control of their intellectual property.

“ISOBUS is growing in North America and the process allows for different color implements’ technology to communicate with each other,” says Gary Honey, sales engineer with DISTek. “This is something the large tractor and implement manufacturers have put together, but it’s been something that’s been more difficult for some of the smaller companies to make the investment to get an implement compatible with ISOBUS.”

The VIRTEC software library can integrate into the controller in an implement and communicate with the ISO-11783 standard.

“That lets the implement manufacturer, whether they’re making a planter or sprayer, concentrate on the function of their machine, and we do the hard part of the ISOBUS,” Honey says.

Features of VIRTEC include:

  • Compatible with most microcontroller platforms, operating systems, and ANSI C99 compilers for C and C++ applications
  • Supports ISO 11783-6 for Version 3 Working Sets, excluding Annex J Auxiliary Control
  • Operates on 12 KB RAM, 48 KB program ROM, and a minimum of 256 KB data ROM for ISOBUS object pools
  • Integrates with existing or custom developed application code, CAN device drivers, and microcontroller and RTOS-specific code
  • Includes API documentation, quick start guide, example application, and complete support options

For more information on VIRTEC visit DISTek’s website at http://ww2.distek.com/