Red Wing Software – Centerpoint Version 14


Tech Specs: Red Wing Software’s CenterPoint Version 14 Payroll’s Publish Pay Advice, which allows employees to view their pay stub online, has been overhauled for optimization of viewing on phones and tablets. The process of publishing pay advices is streamlined, with the ability to set availability of published advices for a future date. Users of the CenterPoint Time Clock may also now use the same login credentials from that application to log in to the Publish Pay Advice application. CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture has a new Maps function, which allows users to define geospatial boundaries of a production center or production center details. The Maps function can help farmers analyze financial as well as yield information in a visually appealing and easy to understand map. Boundaries can be drawn or imported from ESRI Shape files. Users can add labels and tooltips to describe that field, and the Maps can be printed or exported. Multiple fields in a production center group can be displayed, printed and exported as one geospatial map.


The Production Analysis tool within CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture has also been completely redesigned for added flexibility and extensive analysis capabilities.


e-Emphasys Technologies – e-Emphasys Dealer Management Platform


Tech Specs: The e-Emphasys Dealer Management Platform incorporates a full suite of technology including ERP, Business Intelligence & Reporting, CRM, Mobile Field Service Applications, Inspection apps, eCommerce Customer Portals, RFID, IoT and Telematics and Artificial Intelligence.


e-Emphasys is available on any device browser or database, providing the user with unified, real-time viewing of data.


HBS Systems – NetView Active Desktop


Tech Specs: HBS Systems’ NetView ActiveDesktop contains technology designed to smooth out day-to-day dealership operations and increase business efficiency. ActiveView Tiles drag-and-drop onto the desktop to create a personalized display. With over 130 tiles available, the system’s options include inventory searches, invoice reports, sales and accounting charts, quote lists, etc. — spanning all departments, from service to parts to wholegoods. All are designed to collect information from multiple programs and present it right to desktop.


Tiles update constantly to provide the most accurate data at any time. Tiles are customizable to show information for specific locations, or to only display data from a certain time period, among countless other features included.