When thinking about what's available on the market with correction services, there's a certain level of comfort that farmers have with a particular brand or reliability they’ve used for years. When we talk to farmers and dealers about our latest offering – Trimble CenterPoint RTX – the most common question that comes up is, ‘What’s the incentive to change from what I’m already using?’

CenterPoint RTX has a variety of benefits over other services, and for those farmers that have used some source of corrections — whether that be WAAS, RangePoint RTX, VRS Now or RTK — the odds are that they are not getting the most bang for their guidance buck and don’t realize the full potential CenterPoint RTX offers over others.

Trimble precision ag solutions, including CenterPoint RTX real-time satellite delivered corrections, have a proven track record. So why should a farmer consider CenterPoint RTX specifically? 

It has repeatable year-over-year accuracy, it’s quick to get a fix anywhere on your farm because it’s delivered via satellite, you always have someone at the end of the phone with Trimble’s 24/7/365 customer care, and the entry point is low — all you need is a couple unlocks and to have a Trimble compatible display. In today’s market, it makes sense from a dollars and cents agronomic perspective given the minimal cost to stay on-row, year-after-year.

The biggest concern for dealers and farmers when comparing CenterPoint RTX to, say, RTK level solutions — the gold star of accuracy — is repeatability. CenterPoint RTX is just as reliable and repeatable year-after-year as RTK, under one inch, and eliminates the need for a base station. In addition, CenterPoint RTX is available throughout the U.S., Canada and many other regions in our Fast version which eliminates convergence time for farmers and gets them out into the fields faster to get their work done quicker. 

As you can see, CenterPoint RTX is a great solution for those looking to ditch the base station and continue with year-after-year repeatability of under one inch.


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