MILWAUKEE (Dec 15, 2021) – The Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) announced the release of the TC-GEO Conformance Test for Farm Management Information Systems (FMIS). This enhancement ensures that boundaries and prescription maps created in the FMIS are in compliance with the ISO standard, guaranteeing plug-and-play compatibility with tractor displays.

"Until today, we have never been able to certify the actual FMIS. It's been the missing piece and has been the pain point for a lot of farmers," said Andrew Olliver, vice chairman of AEF.

The new test covers most of the FMIS's features, giving customers and dealers confidence that the FMIS is working in compliance to the ISO standard. Because the FMIS has to be capable of managing farms and fields, as well as planning and listing accomplished tasks, the TC-GEO functionality adds the handling of field boundaries and prescription maps.
The AEF database is a trusted resource uniquely developed to provide transparent and reliable information about ISOBUS product compatibility. ISOBUS is an important part of precision agriculture technology that allows machines from different manufacturers to work together electronically. Only products that are AEF ISOBUS certified are listed in the AEF ISOBUS database.
"If you look up a certified display and a certified implement in the AEF database, you know they will work together, and you can use that functionality in the field. Now you can add a certified FMIS to that combination," said Olliver.
FMIS manufacturers should certify their software for the TC GEO functionality through the AEF conformance test as soon as possible. Once certified, it can appear in the AEF database.

All certified FMIS software can be found in the AEF ISOBUS Database under the category “Software," subcategory “Farm Management Information System." Through the "Compatibility Check" feature in the AEF ISOBUS Database, customers and dealers can verify which FMIS products are supporting the desired functionalities.

"The AEF is continuing to improve the world of agricultural technology by making it more compatible," said Olliver. "Every time we extend the AEF conformance test to another functionality or another component in the ISOBUS chain, we are moving towards our ideal of 100% compatibility and every product being ISOBUS certified."