WOLLERAU, Switzerland — Proman, an integrated energy company and one of the world's top 10 nitrogen fertilizer producers, announced March 29 a new strategic partnership with CropX, a global pioneer in digital farm management systems.

CropX technology provides farmers and industry experts with the data and information they need to increase farming sustainability through conserving resources across the value chain and increasing crop yields, resulting in a more sustainable food production environment.

Over 75% of Proman's nitrogen-based product is sold as fertilizer, supporting farmers around the world to achieve healthy plant growth and high crop yields at a time when the global population is growing by some 80 million per annum. Data-driven precision farming delivers more efficient farming and resource conservation, resulting in both economic and environmental benefits. This investment underlines Proman's commitment to actively supporting innovative technology solutions which can improve agricultural sustainability at a time when it is crucial for global food security and nutrition.

"We look forward to contributing our expertise as a fertilizer producer to this initiative and supporting CropX's vision to utilize technology to boost farmer productivity and incomes, improve food security and strengthen the resilience of the global food production systems," says David Cassidy, chief executive of Proman. "With food security becoming an increasingly pressing global issue, we believe that Digital Agro technologies have the potential to significantly increase agricultural productivity and support more sustainable agriculture around the world."

"We are extremely fortunate to partner with such an incredible global leader in nitrogen fertilizer," says Tomer Tzach, chief executive of CropX. "Using technology to precisely manage fertilizer application is the next frontier, and companies such as Proman and CropX will lead the way. We are excited that Proman sees the great value in our fertilizer management capabilities, which are an important part of the growing suite of decision tools that CropX offers to help farmers grow more with less."