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“This is a business, and it is run every day as a business. We don't have farming to support it. We don't sell seed corn to support it. We are precision, and that's it. If we don't support our customers, we are immediately out of business because that's all we do. That really resonates with [customers].” 

— Nate Kelson, Salesman, Jenner Precision

Transparency and relationships built on trust have led to a 13-year trend of steady growth for Jenner Precision in Fairbury, Ill. Jenner Precision, Precision Farming Dealer’s 2022 Most Valuable Dealership, is a largely aftermarket business that’s part of Case IH dealer Jenner Ag.

In this episode of the Precision Farming Dealer podcast, you’ll hear excerpts from a more than 2-hour conversation with Bryan Fehr, manager of Jenner Precision, salesman Nate Kelson and precision support specialist Andrei Hildenbrand about the practices making their business successful.

Listen in as they explain the values that form the foundation of Jenner Precision’s success, how they’re navigating supply chain shortages, their service package offerings and how they sell customers on the need for service packages, and more.

Learn more about Jenner Precision and its award-winning practices in our 2022 Most Valuable Dealership coverage.

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