As more producers use new technology in precision agriculture, they will be gathering increasing amounts of machine and production data. In the past, they had to download the data on a memory card or a USB flash drive and then transfer the data to a computer in the farm office or at home. 

John Deere introduces Wireless Data Transfer, which enables the wireless transmission of data between the GreenStar 3 2630 display,, and the producer’s farm management information system. This efficient system eliminates the need for manual transfer of data and will be available as a subscription upgrade to JDLink Ultimate with Remote Display Access.

“More of our customers are collecting data from machinery operating in the field,” says Kathy Michael, product manager, John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group. “They analyze the data to improve overall operations and share the data with trusted advisors to help make better decisions. With the introduction of Wireless Data Transfer and data sharing on, overall data collection, transfer, and management will be much easier.”

Wireless Data Transfer allows data to flow wirelessly to the customer’s personalized portal on Customers are then able to access this data from their smart phones, tablets, computers, or any Internet-enabled device. They can then share that data with trusted advisors, and easily transfer value-added information to 2630 Displays they are using in the field.

“Producers want a user-friendly system to take advantage of the new data technology,” emphasizes Michael. “They want their data wherever they are and with more portability. Wireless Data Transfer and will allow them to receive and analyze data on-the-go. If data is easier to collect and manage, they will be more likely to use the information to improve overall operational efficiency, thus adding more productivity and profitability to their bottom line.”   

Data management and security are also a concern of customers. With all the data that will be collected, analyzed, and managed, John Deere has published a general principles document on to clarify security and data management details for dealers and customers.

"John Deere has a simple position when it comes to data management,” explains Michael.  “We want our new data technology to provide value to the customer, we want to be transparent with customers on data usage, and we want the customer to be in control of their data choices.”

Wireless Data Transfer is the first step to assist customers in collecting, transferring, and managing data easily and efficiently. The overall result will be to use the data to help improve overall productivity in the farm or ranch operation. Retail availability of the new technology is expected in the spring of 2014.