The Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) introduced the third generation of its Universal Terminal (UT3) functionality during the Commodity Classic trade show in Orlando, Florida. UT3 allows an ISOBUS implement to operate with any terminal and/or uses one terminal for operating different ISOBUS implements.

“With the wide variety of tractors and implements to choose from in today’s market, it’s critical to ensure precision agriculture products are compatible,” said Norbert Schlingmann, General Manager, AEF. “The AEF was founded to improve cross-manufacturer compatibility of electronic and electric components in agricultural equipment. We are pleased to introduce UT3 as an evolution of the Universal Terminal functionality to help farmers make the best choice of the available interoperable products that fit their needs."

A single touch screen display in the cab will allow the operator to have greater visibility, and improved color depth will provide more visually appealing graphics and images of the implement being operated. A split screen will allow the simultaneous viewing and also operation of a second ISOBUS implement without needing to navigate to a second run screen. The tool tip feature means that pop-up windows can now be labeled to guide the user with what input is required next making operation more intuitive.

UT3 will be available for AEF members. In addition, OEM members are encouraged to test their equipment with this environment to reduce their compatibility issues. The AEF’s new conformance test is expected to be ready in Q2 to validate the UT3 performance by manufacturer. The test will improve efficiency and quality for cross-brand compatibility between ISOBUS certified devices, using the same proven testing environment as the Tractor Implement Management (TIM) functionality.