AEF-ISOBUS-Database-mobile-app.pngMILWAUKEE (Oct 20, 2021) – The Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) is introducing the updated AEF ISOBUS Database (DB) app to give agricultural equipment dealers, manufacturers and end users a convenient way to access its database, which is the only comprehensive repository of all ISOBUS compatible products in the world. The free app allows users to easily drill down by brand, product or ISOBUS functionality to confirm product compatibility while in the office or in the field.

"With so many different manufacturers creating a wide scope of agricultural products around the world, when you start using different brands together, they are not always technologically compatible," said Andrew Olliver, vice chairman of AEF. "However, when products all share the same ‘nerve system,’ more commonly known as the ‘ISOBUS,’ they communicate seamlessly. The AEF ISOBUS DB app identifies which products on the market are compatible and are ISOBUS-certified."

Through the AEF's app, the agricultural equipment community may now look up a product's ISOBUS compatibility, find information if a customer is having trouble in the field, research ISOBUS compatibility of new equipment and accessories, or identify ISOBUS functions. Information can be shared with others through the app using messaging tools such as WhatsApp or email.

Only products that are AEF ISOBUS certified are listed in the AEF ISOBUS Database. Currently there are approximately 80 companies listing certified ISOBUS products in the database.

"This is an incredibly useful tool, especially for ag equipment dealers, when they have to advise their customers on their next ISOBUS equipment purchase," said Olliver. "Dealers will find the app's new module and option views essential."

In the app's module view, users can view detailed information about ISOBUS products, such as the individual controllers to see exactly which functionality they support. This helps dealers make product recommendations, as well as diagnose service compatibility issues. The option view provides the ability to view the compatibility of multiple product features.

Download the new AEF ISOBUS DB app today and create an account for free. Users can also find the new app by searching "AEF ISOBUS DB" in Apple's App Store or in Google Play.

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