Beck’s Hybrids announces a continued collaboration with Kinze Mfg. Inc. to conduct onfarm research by providing expertise in hybrid placement, developing spatial management zones and site-specific seeding.

Through Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR) Partners program, multi-hybrid corn planting will be utilized in onfarm research in Indiana, Illinois and Iowa in spring of 2014. Each PFR partner will work with company representatives, along with Beck’s Hybrids to test the new technology. Kinze will provide three 4900 series single-row, multi-hybrid concept planters.

In addition, New Holland Agriculture will provide each multi-hybrid concept planter with a Genesis T8 tractor, and Raven Industries will be the electronic provider.

The initial design for the multi-hybrid corn planter was developed and tested by central Illinois PFR director Jason Webster at Beck’s Hybrids. In the company’s two years of onfarm research, an average 9.5 bushels-per-acre yield increase was achieved with a net profit of $54.24 per acre.

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