Brandt has launched its first app, Brandt Tank Pro, which is now available for download from the iTunes store.

Brandt Tank Pro was developed to help growers and ag applicators check product compatibility before making critical purchase and application decisions. It focuses specifically on the compatibility of post-emergent herbicides and Brant Smart System foliar micronutrients.

The app prompts users to select a herbicide and a Brandt Smart System formulation. The app then indicates whether it is safe to proceed with the tank mix, whether to mix with caution or whether to perform additional jar tests.

"Brandt Tank Pro helps growers and applicators identify possible compatibility issues before they occur," explained Vatren Jurin, Agronomy Director for Brandt's Specialty Formulations division. "We always recommend jar testing before tank mixing, but the app adds an extra layer of protection."

Historically, many foliar micronutrients formulations were incompatible with glyphosate and other post-emergent herbicides. Brandt Smart System was created specifically for compatibility and can be mixed with herbicides, as well as most fungicides, insecticides and PGR's.

Brandt Smart System is available at leading ag retailers throughout the United States and through distributor partners in select countries.