Raven Industries’ Applied Technology Division announces Hawkeye, an innovative pressure-based nozzle control system that provides the most precise and accurate application across the entire sprayer boom, and the entire field.   

“Our customers are operating larger equipment in diverse field conditions, all while trying to better maximize and manage their inputs, which has created demand for more innovation in our application control product family,” says Matt Burkhart, Vice President and General Manager of Raven’s Applied Technology Division.

“The pressure-based control capabilities of this system give applicators more accurate droplet size and more precise and consistent spray patterns across the board, in addition to drift reduction.  The superior quality and simplicity of Hawkeye takes nozzle control systems to the next level.”

Hawkeye will be integrated with the Viper 4 field computer, as well as other ISObus compatible virtual terminals, giving customers a fully-integrated system with less cab clutter.  Hawkeye also comes standard with turn compensation, adding even more precision during sprayer operation as well as individual valve diagnostics, sectional shut-off, and a clean system architecture designed for simple installation and operation. Raven will feature Hawkeye at MAGIE in Bloomington, Ill., and other upcoming tradeshows.

The system will release later this fall.

To learn more, stop by a Raven tradeshow booth or go to www.ravenprecision.com