Ask your precision technology provider these questions to ensure you know your data is secure. 

As a founding member of the Open Ag Data Alliance (OADA), Case IH takes data control and security seriously. You should, too. And you can do that by asking tough questions of your precision technology provider. Do you know what questions to ask? We have plenty. 

We're leading by example with our new AFS Connect system, designed to protect your data and privacy while bringing increased operational efficiency to your farm. We understand data is important to your operation, which is why it's worth talking about. 

Can I exchange data with other systems? Can I change brands and keep my data? 

Case IH answer: As a founding member of OADA, Case IH adheres to the organization's standards of data security, privacy and interoperability for the entire agriculture industry. These standards make it easy to analyze and share mixed-fleet data and to keep your fleet and maintenance management system up to date and interconnected as your fleet changes. Not every equipment manufacturer or precision farming technology supplier is an OADA member; ask before you make a telematics technology investment decision. 

What happens to my data when I sell my equipment? 

Case IH answer: Your information belongs to you, not the machine. Your data stays with you and your modem. 

Will you sell my data? 

Case IH answer: No. We will only share agronomic data with third parties to provide the services to which YOU subscribe. 

Who can see my data on my farm? 

Case IH answer: Some permissions are predefined by the system, but most are determined by the producer. Generally, access is restricted to what is needed to support a farmer. When you set up your system, you can assign different types of user profiles based on your preferences: Customer Manager (owner), Customer Operator, Support/Hotline. 

How will you use my data? 

Case IH answer: Select machine data is collectively analyzed to drive quality improvements. No one at Case IH or your dealership has access to your agronomic data. 

What do you think about these questions? Have you asked your provider any of them? Leave us a comment and let us know.